What is SEO?

So, before we go about looking for places to link that will hopefully link back to us, we’ll need to lay the groundwork for your understanding of SEO in general so that your efforts can be most effective and efficient.  After all, there is no use going out and trying to get links that are not really going to help you, is there?


To start, SEO stands for “search engine optimization,” which is the art and science of getting websites ranked well (like, Page One) for certain keywords or key phrases that you would like people to see that website for.  In this example, I will use “genericsockscompany” as the example business or website that you would be trying to rank, using SEO principles.   In this fictional example, if you owned this website/ company, you would obviously want to get the website ranking for the main term “socks,” because you sell widgets and you want people to find your website when they are searching for socks.   You would hire an SEO expert like me to work on your website so that Google (and the other search engines) take notice of the content of your site (the socks, of course) and the


The thing is, you’re not going to get very far if you’re a brand-new sock seller just wading into the already-crowded market, so your website needs to be optimized for a more favorable set of key words and phrases for which you are more likely to show up when people are searching.   I like to talk to the business owner about the specific KIND of product or service they are selling, then do research to properly gauge the demand surrounding those words and phrases.  For example, do they sell socks for women that work out a lot?   Do they sell political socks, or socks for kids who are just learning to put on their socks?    What about socks for “big and tall” guys?   Don’t get discouraged about excessive competition from online giants—just get your head together and dig down into your niche.   The “supply” part is you/ your product, and the “demand” is the keyword research.


Another thing that really helps with search engine optimization (SEO) is to talk about many terms related to the keyword or key phrase that you’re trying to rank for.  This makes the search engines see you as an authority, which in turn makes them rank your site more highly for more and more terms.  So, if you’re selling socks, you would also want to talk about feet, shoes, maybe foot conditions that you are solving with the socks, and so on.   A really effective way to do this is by consistently writing new blog posts for your site that have as their titles the key words and phrases you come across during your research (or that you got from your SEO expert).  SEO works the best when it is done by accessing a true expert’s knowledge of their field and combining it with an SEO expert’s knowledge of research, analysis, and proper set up.   Then you get the traffic that is relevant, builds on itself, and helps you sell those socks.


So, that’s what SEO is, in a nutshell.   You provide the supply, the internet provides the demand.  SEO helps you put them together!

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